Haiti Vision Letter
In June 1988, Pastor Charles Hawkins was led by the Spirit Of God to change the focus of the Voice Of Deliverance Crusade Ministry from Radio to Missions. Rev. Fedeau Pierre, founder of Deliverance School and Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti was led by the Spirit Of God to come under the Voice Of Deliverance Crusade Ministry. Once we changed our focus to Missions, we began feeding and clothing over 160 children daily in the school and providing full time sanctuary for 25 children in the Orphanage. We were able to send a 1987 Ford Escort EW station wagon to Haiti to help with transportation and also purchase land used to harvest fruits and vegetables for both the school and Orphanage.
Our congregation has provided aid through our Missions Ministry as well as contributed in Pastoral Conferences, Women’s Ministry, and Nationwide Crusades in Haiti for over 30 years. We recently started a new Orphanage in March 2009, the Agape School and Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince. Currently, there are over 75 children in our Orphanage and over 125 children attending our School.
In January 2010, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake which crippled the city of Port-Au-Prince. Buildings were ruined and people were left without electricity, or shelter. We remained in prayer for our children and those that care for them. By God’s grace our orphans, teachers and workers were unharmed. We traveled to Haiti in April 2010, as we have every year bringing with us much needed supplies such as generators, sleeping bags, clothing, lighting, batteries and first aid supplies. We were also able to purchase a much needed truck to provide transportation to pick up groceries from the market and to go to doctor appointments.
As a follow up to our ongoing pledge to our children, orphanage,  school, workers, and teachers we visited Haiti in May 2012 to see the cities progress or lack thereof. Through our ministry, we were able to purchase more generators for the orphanage, and witness the completion of the second level of our school. This was due to the generous donations, pledges, and sponsorship we received and send on a monthly basis. we are proud to do our part in rebuilding this city and restoring it back to its people. 
There is still much more to be done, but we cannot do it alone. You too, can be a blessing by assisting our cause!